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I also actively contribute to magazines such as Lucky and Monogram, as well as the Fashion Indie Community.

Monogram Magazine

Praise for Confessions of a Style Cookie

"Charlotte Tan is not your average 14 year old. Her blog Confessions of a Style Cookie was born just a year ago, yet the blog has a large following. Her ambition to become a model has driven her to write passionately about the Fashion industry so she can educate others and inevitably, herself. Her journalism is well detailed yet presented in a creative manner making many, including me, wanting to come back for more."

"This week’s Blogger Monday features a very special blogger I met online who is more fashion obsessed than I am. Who knew! I found her blog to be very entertaining, well-researched–as well as well-written."
- Jennifer Siopongco

"Charlotte Tan, Singapore fashion blogger and aspiring model, values taste making skills as much as she does passion and broad style inspiration when it comes to fashion blogging. Through her experience as a fashion blogger she has learned how rewarding blogging can be. Tan has learned the value of inspiring fellow bloggers and updating her writing skills."
- Julia Rose

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