January 20, 2015

happy new year | hello 2015

Happy New Year!!! This is an extremely late post to welcome the New Year, but I just wanted to say I can't believe how fast 2014 went past! It has been such an amazing year both for the blog and the fashion world, many milestones were passed and I was so so satisfied with how things were going last year. I'm pleased to say I'm extremely psyched for this year, with many big things coming my way as well as many exciting developments in the fashion world. {Galliano for Margiela anyone?} However, I'm incredibly sad to say that this year as I have a major exam at the end of the year, I won't have as much time as I want to spend posting and curating this blog. I know for the past few months I haven't been posting as much as I should, and I'm apologising from the bottom of my heart that I would be posting even less for the rest of this year to concentrate on my studies. Of course I would try to find time to update y'all on the fashion world as frequently as I can, but there would definitely be much less activity from me hope you would understand. On a brighter note, my recent Valentino Sala Bianca post has been selected for IFB's Links a la Mode, read on to find out more....


In With The New

How's your first week of 2015 going? The first week back to work, still bulging from the holidays? Hitting the January Sales like there's no tomorrow? Cleaning out your closet? Planning your life for the next year? Even though it's just another day like any other, the turn of a new year brings up so many things for everyone. What are you discarding? What do you want to bring in?

Links à la Mode: January 8th

Although I won't be posting as much this year, do follow me on twitter, tumblr, and instagram for daily updates on the fashion world. Ciao!