June 13, 2014

eight things i heart about chanel resort 2015.

“It’s much better to imagine an idea, a possibility. It’s a collection made for this part of the world, but I think, and hope, it’s for women all over the world.” - Karl Lagerfeld
Resort in Chanel-sphere, is the season where jet-setting to exotic locations and the epitome of luxury clothes meet. And since setting the bar for Resort as such, Chanel Cruise collections has always been inspired by international cities and the wanderlust of travel. The latest Resort collection was filled with the mystical aura of faraway oriental lands and the magic of Arabian culture, and where better to draw inspiration from and to set the show in than Dubai, the heart of Arabia. {What's more : it has the largest shopping mall on the planet, très futuristic architecture and is the one of the world's top fashion capitals.} Set on the glistening golden sands of Dubai, Cruise 2015 showcased among voluminous and free silhouettes, a kaleidoscope of floral prints, gold tinted looks and half-moon tiaras, turning the models into modern and regal Chanel Scheherazades sashayed effortlessly down the beige runway carpets.

Like the dreamy city of Dubai, nothing says resort like Chanel's oasis of a modern Bedouin tent, set on the bare warm sand of a private island. adorned with faux palm trees and cacti, the floor piled with beige cushions and rugs, and wooden Persian latticework bearing the iconic interlocking Cs : the perfect place to hold princesses, celebrities and guests from around the world, as well as a grandiose backdrop to offset the glittering black, red and gold hues of the collection.



For the hair department of Chanel, bigger has always been better. While Spring 2013 showcased flaring wigs and Fall 2014 blown-up ponytails, Cruise 2015 took it to a whole new level : introducing both a hair bump a la Brigitte Bardot and Diana Ross-esque bouffant curls topped with perfectly pinned crescent moon diadems and diamond set double-C brooches. Completing the seventies-inspired 'dos was an intense smoky-eyed look plated with gold leaves at the end, making the models look every inch the 21st century Arabian princess.

Chanel Cruise 2015 photographed by Kevin Tachman


Prints brought life and fun to the otherwise dusky toned {but still gorgeous} collection, from a motley of floral prints with over-the-top appliques on silk maxi dresses{a breath of fresh air for your Resort wardrobe}, to more toned-down but equally luxurious patterns for a summer soirée night. 


Where Chanel goes, fashion follows. And for every Chanel collection, Karl Lagerfeld never fails to create unforgettable pieces that quickly become cult favorites. {Who could forget the Chanel couture sneakers?} For this season's Resort, the objet du jour is the thigh-high sandal sock, combining both the everyday sock and the everyday sandal. Why wear socks with sandals when you can wear socks that also happen to be sandals? 


Chanel gave harem pants a totally new meaning in its Resort collection, and I'm not talking about the gold lamé/wide-cut/floral printed ones. Take a step beyond the harem pants you knew and meet the multi-tiered, latticed harem pants.These ankle grazing pieces gave a modern and light edge to the once baggy Aladdin-esque pants, adding bubbly layers and guazy ruffles to create a delightful hybrid of old-world silhouette and new-world charm {and once again single handedly making something almost-tacky, chic again.}

While the ending looks of a Chanel show usually accompanied elaborate haute couture, Resort 2015 took a more subdued turn, closing the collection in a series of pared down, elegant looks. Free-flowing silhouettes came in the form of white and sand-coloured tunics, gold hems trimming the lean looks. And it's discreet sign of luxe {and proof they were Chanel} was in the collars : a patch of sequin embroidery in the neckline here, embroidered interlocking silver Cs there. Timeless glamour I say.


Tweeds were always a Chanel hallmark, adorning every single collection since the beginning of time {well, since Mlle Gabrielle started Chanel}. Not surprisingly, tweeds made an appearance in Resort 2015, but this time remaining exclusive to the iconic Chanel shades of gold and black. Not only did it look extremely glamorous, the tweed was even shimmering, turning the one-dimensional colors into glittering works of couture. Made into the timeless Chanel suit, tweed has never looked more luxurious.

Why admire spectacular skylines when you can wear them? Chanel Cruise 2015 featured the dazzling Dubai skyline as a chic take on the skant {skirt over pants FYI}, stitching sequinned skyscrapers dripping with gold lights on the hems of the pitch black tunics. A breathtaking end to a beautiful collection.

Wearing glamorous couture living in a luxurious capital city, who doesn't want to be Karl's futuristic Middle Eastern princess? Well, there are all kinds of princesses from all over the world, but one thing's for sure : they all wear Chanel. A girl can dream.
Chanel Cruise 2014/2015 Collection - Runway
Chanel Cruise 2014/2015 Collection - Runway
Chanel Cruise 2015 - The Island, Dubai - Final show

“This collection is  for every woman.  Better to do that than the sixties, the seventies, what everyone else does. This is my idea of a romantic, modern Orient, a new One Thousand and One Nights,” - Karl Lagerfeld

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