April 02, 2014

we'll always have paris.

Like the avant-garde and out of this world collections of Fall 2014 {cue Moschino and their logo-maniac pieces}, the streets at the recent Fashion Week were filled with outfits from almost every part of the style spectrum : quirky, bold, conservative, chic; you name it, the streets had it. But of course, street style shutterbugs would not be content for the season without a few snaps of fashion’s It in the undisputed style capital of the world, Paris. Captured in these gorgeous sun-drenched shots are the quaint rues of Paris, abuzz with top models, editors and new faces alike posing in what were by far the most unique and original looks at fashion week.
French or not, the crowd at Paris Fashion Week sure knew how to make a statement: elegant chic displayed in muted tones, pairing subtle essentials with vibrant accessories, or straight-out bold outfits that were clearly from luxury brands top to toe. Whatever the look, they all had a certain Parisian panache, a sense of sophistication that could only come from someone who was secretly Parisienne at heart….


With the myriad of looks Paris has served up this season, it’s safe to say we would have enough fresh inspiration to last us another year. And what can I say : Paris is the best-dressed city of after all, non?
Images from Style and Vogue

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