March 28, 2014

corinne vitale : best beauty blog

Corinne Vitale is not your average 21-year-old. After taking styling studies, she was inspired to create a fashion blog to explore the intriguing world of fashion. In just a short span of 5 months she has not only won Best Beauty Blog in the very first Style Cookie Awards 2013, she has grown her blog Love's like a Runway into a diary that chronicles everything from the latest beauty products that she stocks up on, to experimenting with fashion in her personal style posts that are equal parts quirky and chic. Her beauty posts are especially compelling as she describes her experience with different beauty products in addition to giving product reviews and beauty tips. The beauty blogger shares her top 5 beauty essentials and her best moments in this exclusive interview with COSC.
1.What's the inspiration behind Love's Like A Runway?
Well, this is hard, I've been loving fashion since I remember myself, but in 2010 when I get out of their army, where I only wore the army uniform. I decided to open a fashion blog and then I started styling studies, and this gave me the most inspiration. I have closed the blog like 2 times but I'm back now from November 2013, for good.

2. What are your top 3 New Year's Resolutions?
1.Lose some weight! 2.Keep writing in the blog and do what I love 3.Success in my B.A

3.  What style of makeup do you love the most {natural, dramatic, bold etc}?
Well, in the everyday I always put foundation, mascara, blush and lipstick, but when I go out I love the dramatic look of Black Smoked eyes in combination with eyeliner. And if I don't have the time I always go for eyeliner and red lips ;)
Tobi  skater skirt outfit 3

4. How did you feel when you knew of your Style Cookie Awards win?
I was really happy! because since I've re-opened the blog I felt like I need a little push and I think that this will help, and I got to know a really good blog! (Confessions of a Style Cookie of course!)

5. What are some of your favorite places in the world?
Its really hard...I'm living now in Israel, and I'm from Buenos Aires, but I feel that I belong to Europe. When I'm in Paris I got this feeling, like butterflies in my stomach, I really in love with this city. But the last year when I went to Amsterdam I also fell in love and i think that in the future I'll totally live there.

6. Which style icons do you look up to?
I don't have one style icon, I get my inspiration from the streets and mostly from myself. It happened a lot of times that I wore something that everyone laughed at and then one year later everyone bought it too. 
Pupa make up
7. What are some of your favorite cosmetic labels right now?
I think that right now they are: MAC, Revlon and Urban Decay.

8. What was your most memorable moment of 2013?
When I met my boyfriend, we are together since the day I met him in January 2013 until now :)

9. Your top 5 beauty essentials are...
1.Foundation : Revlon Colorstay.
2.Blush : MAC, Gentle Mineral blush.
3.Primer : Pupa, professional foundation primer, the pink one ;)
4.Lipstick : Rimmel, Kate Moss collection (they are great!) and number 107 is my favorite right now
5.Mascara : L'Oreal, Telescopic

10. 5 things about yourself?
1) I'm a B.A student of Economies and Psychology.
2) I have like 70+- pair of shoes. and its growing!
3) Since my boyfriend bough his X-box I'm totally addict to video games.
4) I know perfectly both Hebrew and Spanish (and not so perfectly English ;)
5) I'm a tattoo junkie, I had my first one the last summer and I'm totally ready for more!!!!
11. Any advice for aspiring beauty bloggers around the world? All I can say is keep doing what you love, and do it only because you love it, this is only way to be happy :)
denim vest outfit 5

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