January 24, 2014

Reinventions and Lightness at Dior

"She's a woman of today, sophisticated but contemporary, delicate but energetic, a flower-woman in perpetual motion. It's not hard to imagine her kicking off her glamorous evening shoes to slip into a pair of sneakers and jump off the runway, unfettered, free to run and to dance all night long."
"IT'S A WOMAN, on top of the world." explained by Raf Simons, yet that was exactly how I felt when I eyed the first of the fifty-two looks that made up the Dior spring couture show presented in the Musée Rodin in Paris.The collection had a totally new approach {that also appeared in the Chanel show}, which was that it modernised and brought a fresh, light touch to couture : a sight rarely seen in previous collections. Soft and delicate, the pieces were inspired by the movement in clothes which Christian Dior himself had a love of : lattice-like cutwork, overlays, veils of silk and lace, polka-dotted gabrics made everything in the collection either swinging or shimmying in an impossibly free manner. There were flowy peekaboo shawls, cocktail dresses and gowns worthy of an A-list soiree, the famous Bar jacket with ballooning sleeves and tailored trousers, and sneakers for a modern edge - but my two utter favourites were a black voluminous jacquard frock adorned with a mysterious image and surrounded by glossy leaf-like shapes, as well as the opening look with an off-shoulder top and asymmetrical ruffled volume skirt that floats gracefully with the model's every step.
I couldn't choose which one was my favourite piece, both were free and light, yet they possessed a certain structure to the silhouette that suggested the amount of construction that went into them {but of course, it's haute couture after all}. This collection to me is one of Raf Simons' most creative work for Dior yet, and his sweet, youthful approach matched with the ethereal spring aura of the clothes definitely made for a delightful couture show.

 What do you think of the collection? Which were your favourite pieces?

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