January 27, 2014

sporty pastels at chanel haute couture

A few hours before Chanel showed for the Spring 2014 Haute Couture season, I was dreaming about the elaborate gowns and intricate designs that were about to walk on the Grand Palais runway, wondering what Karl Lagerfeld would concoct up for this season. But to my utter surprise, the collection was entirely not what I expected, instead it was the complete opposite. For Spring 2014, Karl Lagerfeld decided to do away with the full-length gowns of the past seasons, and instead create a collection that was light, full of movement and most importantly, youthful. Taking place in what he likes to call "an ice palace, a nightclub on another planet" version of the Grand Palais, the youthfulness was seen in the very beginning : when Cara Delevingne opened the show by skipping {yes, she literally skipped} down the revolving couture stairs à la 1930's Hollywood where every step was a pose, a fresh breath of air from the usual serious atmosphere of fashion shows.

January 24, 2014

Reinventions and Lightness at Dior

"She's a woman of today, sophisticated but contemporary, delicate but energetic, a flower-woman in perpetual motion. It's not hard to imagine her kicking off her glamorous evening shoes to slip into a pair of sneakers and jump off the runway, unfettered, free to run and to dance all night long."
"IT'S A WOMAN, on top of the world." explained by Raf Simons, yet that was exactly how I felt when I eyed the first of the fifty-two looks that made up the Dior spring couture show presented in the Musée Rodin in Paris.The collection had a totally new approach {that also appeared in the Chanel show}, which was that it modernised and brought a fresh, light touch to couture : a sight rarely seen in previous collections. Soft and delicate, the pieces were inspired by the movement in clothes which Christian Dior himself had a love of : lattice-like cutwork, overlays, veils of silk and lace, polka-dotted gabrics made everything in the collection either swinging or shimmying in an impossibly free manner. There were flowy peekaboo shawls, cocktail dresses and gowns worthy of an A-list soiree, the famous Bar jacket with ballooning sleeves and tailored trousers, and sneakers for a modern edge - but my two utter favourites were a black voluminous jacquard frock adorned with a mysterious image and surrounded by glossy leaf-like shapes, as well as the opening look with an off-shoulder top and asymmetrical ruffled volume skirt that floats gracefully with the model's every step.
I couldn't choose which one was my favourite piece, both were free and light, yet they possessed a certain structure to the silhouette that suggested the amount of construction that went into them {but of course, it's haute couture after all}. This collection to me is one of Raf Simons' most creative work for Dior yet, and his sweet, youthful approach matched with the ethereal spring aura of the clothes definitely made for a delightful couture show.

 What do you think of the collection? Which were your favourite pieces?

January 22, 2014

Style Cookie Awards 2013 : Finalists

Style Cookie Awards

The nominations have been officially closed on the 20th January, and since then I've been looking through all the entries you've sent in and voila! the top blogs for each category have been shortlisted! I'm already rooting for some of the blogs here but it's up to you to decide who's going to be the winner for each category. Here's what you have to do :
1. Vote by commenting below for as many blogs as you wish, but you can only vote for one blog per category.
2. Include the badge below onto your blog if you are shortlisted to let your readers know about your nomination and vote for you!
3. On 30th January, the voting would be closed and on the 31st, the winners would be announced!
The voting has been closed on the 30th of January, stay tuned for the winners on the 31st!

January 17, 2014

Happy 1st Blogversary!

COSC in numbers:
- 150+ readers on GFC
- 230+ on Twitter
- 250+ on Bloglovin'
- 500+ on Tumblr
- 121 blog posts

My blog officially turns 1 today! It only feels like a little more than month ago that I started writing my first post, and now I'm writing my first post for the second year of COSC...it just doesn't feel like a year yet though, time really does fly when you blog. I started this blog out of a love for fashion and with no clear goal in mind, yet how much it has impacted my life is really beyond my imagination. From taking time to write posts and answering emails, to replying to all your lovely comments and updating my social media accounts regularly, blogging has become part of my everyday life and it has honestly been the best thing I've ever done. Not only did I have the opportunity to improve my writing and gain a  insight of the fashion world I have always dreamt of becoming a part of, I also met  blogger friends from all round the globe who share the same passion I have, opening up to me  wonderful things that I would never have experienced if not for this blog. 

Since the first post, I've seen my blog grow from writing posts to receiving and giving interviews and starting new blog series, to constant updates in design and the increase amount of dedication I put in. Of course, I also owe everything to my gorgeous readers. Thank you for making this past year so fulfilling, from having less than 5 to 150+ followers and many more on social media, I'm very grateful for all the support and love so far. Whether is it just a comment, an email or a follow, I want to thank you for all these amazing things that make blogging so fulfilling and incredible for me! I have enjoyed every moment curating and refining the blog, so here's to another amazing year! I love all of you so much x

P.S. The Style Cookie Awards nomination date has been extended till 20th of January. Read here for more details!

January 10, 2014

wildfox lagoon

wild fox spring 2014 lookbook
MEET YOUR DREAM VACATION WARDROBE. If you love Wildfox, you'll know that the Californian label's aesthetic has always been free-spirited with a vintage, almost indie twist. With to-die-for tees and shades, Wildfox has always been my go-to label for clothes that marry comfort and chic. Wildfox is also known for another thing -- their lookbooks. They always, and I mean always have the knack of bringing together the memories we love most, from giving us reasons to watch and re-watch The Great Gatsby and Clueless, to reliving the Viva la Juicy campaign Wildfox-style. But for Spring 2014, we are transported into a dreamy tropical island paradise, inspired by Brooke Shields from the cult classic Blue Lagoon in the 80s. 

The result is the most gorgeous island lookbook you can ever ask for : island girls with tousled mermaid waist-length waves and delicate floral crowns; glowing sun-kissed skin; wearing only the softest, most flowy fabrics and seashell necklaces; sunset dances on the beach; eating coconuts and exotic sea catch....there's nothing like being whisked away to a beach fantasy of castaway dreams and getting lost in the beauty of it all. With winter slowly melting into summer, everyone could use the laid-back beach vibe that comes with a Wildfox vacation. I'd be more than willing to escape with these girls anyday, especially on a secluded island with a dream wardrobe {think tops with lobster prints, loose sweaters and beach-worthy denim maxis}. And we can't help but dream, even just for a little while, for bare sandy legs and long summer nights.

Let the sea set you free.

January 07, 2014

coveting : boy chanel

Chanel has always been known for bold, chic and timeless elegance, so when Karl Lagerfeld rolled out a modern, artist-inspired Boy Chanel {no it's not the latest European heartthrob}, I was completly and utterly in love. The Chanel S/S 2014 Trompe-l’œil Boy Chanel has been one of the most coveted bags of Spring 2014, with its quirky colours and the flap's stencilled texture that is signature to the Boy Chanel. Just imagine the fashion world's It Girls donning this arm candy - Cara, Joan, Alexa, Chiara, Rumi, Kristina ...

The bag not only has the same colourful twisted cord detail on the sling as the backpack, but it is also cut from the same canvas. It goes with almost any oufit - from street style chic {with a black leather mini} to a preppy school look {à la Chanel Spring '14}, or even to a glamorous night soirée in the city{paired with a monochrome Herve Leger wrap dress}. Perfect for those days when you feel more whimsical, or a backpack's just too big to lug around. This one doesn't have the Chanel stitching in the middle of the bag, but it's still worth coveting for this season. It's such a waste that the prices are beyond so much beyond my budget, but we always can dream about designer arm candy hanging from the crook of our arm.