December 28, 2013

esprit des fêtes.

CAN YOU BELIEVE CHRISTMAS WENT BY THIS QUICKLY? Just three days ago I was counting down to the most magical day of the year, waking up to chilly morning the next day {although it's supposed to be warm in my part of the world} surrounded by rainy weather. A few quick hours later, I was swept into the busyness of family get-togethers and glittery festive soirées; spending Christmas night having a scrumptious dinner amidst gorgeous fairy lights and candle light; then cuddling on the couch under a pile of blankets to watch a couple of feel-good holiday films; and finally unwrapping gifts under a golden mistletoe-filled Christmas tree, with delightful carol records playing in the background. I also got to visit Orchard Road afterwards {a really famous shopping boulevard in my country} to admire the pink and purple Christmas decorations that adorned the street, making me dream of the even more wonderful Christmases other people are spending in romantic Paris, exciting New York City and everywhere else in the world. It was truly a beautiful end to a night that I never wanted to end.
Now with Christmas well behind me and with myself still being in the mood for holidaying and relaxation, all I want to do is to take a much-needed and well-deserved break for the next few days, before its New Year's Eve, which then also means the start of the school term. Jusque là {till then}, I hope you would have a most wonderful and exciting New Year's Eve, however you spend it to be. Here's some holiday inspiration to reminisce of Christmas and to appreciate the last few days of the season, as well as the year...
{holiday inspiration : a very french christmas}

holiday inspiration : warm & woodsy on this bright december day
tumblr_mus2sp2ui31qlpz8eo1_1280 copy
{holiday inspiration : christmastime in paris}
{fashion inspiration | trends : favourite street style looks of the moment}

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