October 28, 2013

tropical goddesses.

I AM OFFICIALLY OBSESSED with the November 2013 issues of Vogue Brasil and Vogue Mexico. These two covers are by far my favourites in the entire year, I mean finally a cover that actually made me want to grab the magazine off the rack. I've always dreamed of such gorgeous covers, and spotting them was just a dream come true. And the fact that two of my favourite models in the world, Karlie Kloss and Behati Prinsloo fronted them made the covers so much more covetable. I love how the pink letters went so well with the lush green background while Karlie and Behati utterly screamed tropical goddesses. Just looking at the covers can make me dream of the perfect holiday : donning a studded glossy Versace dress with a birdcage veil for a glamorous day in the city, but dressing down to a silk Animale piece for an exclusive beach party at night. All that in a luxurious, tropical city with bright lights and breathtaking scenery.


  1. Karlie looks amazing as always, these covers really are so worth it! :)



  2. Love the pastel colours and interesting cut of the top on the Brazil cover!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  3. I absolutely love the unique cuts on the piece, it surprisingly doesn't look trashy at all :)

  4. Agreed, Karlie looks like a superhuman-supermodel in anything :)

  5. I love the covers too! Tropical prints and shoots always jump at me, so fun :) Love Karlie too!

    just discovered your blog and loving it! following you now! :)


  6. I echo that Izzy! I always fall for vibrant tropical shoots, because they just remind me of island life :) Karlie's amazing too, and thank you for your kind words, it totally made my day!


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