October 07, 2013

pfw : chanel spring 2014

Karl Lagerfeld seems to have an eternal love for the oversized. From his famous attention-grabbing hula hoop bag to his larger-than-life Chanel globe, his obsession with huge things was definitely felt throughout the fashion world for the past few seasons. For Spring 2014, Chanel's runway show was yet another grand one filled with supersized objects, the objet de grandissement this time however were artistic objects and iconic Chanel pieces. (That's like so Karl! Who else is able to come up with a runway show as unexpected, amazing and unique as Chanel?) Think the interlocking-Cs entirely made out of luscious pearls, a Chanel No.5 bottle concocted into a robot, oversized Chanel (classic, I might add) tweed two-piece suits and a supersized take on the signature quilted bag, all in one place at the Grand Palais turned Chanel art museum.

Supermodels were also a big draw of the show with every one of them being either world-famous or an up-and-coming face. From Cara Delevingne (who opened), Joan Smalls and Ondria Hardin; to Sasha Luss, Liu Wen, Edie Campbell and Lindsey Wixson (who closed); the show was practically an ode to the most famous models in the world. Walking with them in doll-like black and platinum blunt bobs were Miranda Kerr and Alexa Chung, both who returned to the runway only this season.

The visual feast did not stop there. This season, the clothes were fresh, whimsical and extremely wearable. Completely devoid of any gowns (surprisingly!), the collection showcased a variety of 50s as well as 60s silhouettes in the form of several house icons (yes, tweed, pearls and oh-so-coveted It-bags) and statement pieces. The array of colours were so wide that it could even make the team at Pantone envious, with pieces coming up in every colour imaginable, instantaneously injecting life and fun into the collection. Infusing art with ready-to-wear in true Kaiser fashion, low-waisted dresses, tweed skirt suits and Chanel jackets were given a mod makeover in psychedelic candy hues. Looks that rounded up the collection looked similar to a painter's swatch, instantly turning couture into wearable art.

The most favourite part of the show for me however were the simple, yet uber statement accessoires. The Chanel logo was of course on almost every bag and shoe, but the how artful the accessories were really caught my attention. Yet again playing out his love for larger-than-lifeness, Karl sent out the models not wearing miles of pearls, but instead an oversized choker or cuff with large pearls attached to them. Large bags that looked exactly like a painter's folio as well as a series of lust-worthy backpacks and iconic crossbodies made Chanel a hands-down favourite for the most number of covetable bags for Spring 2014. The most art-tastic collection of Spring 2014, acceptez-vous pas?

Images from Style and The Sartorialist


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  2. Such a fabulous collection, love the tweed coat!
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  3. This collection is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely review, Charlotte!

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  4. Accessories are to die for! I bet this silver iphone holder will kick off so many street style photos very soon:)

  5. I'm glad Chanel took such a colorful and eye-popping design route. This was a really awakening post with the vibrancy of it all, thanks for sharing!


  6. it's cool!! this collection is very funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you for your posting

  7. Aww thanks Fabiana! I totally agree with you, I'm absolutely in love with Valentino's collection as well, so daring yet so fun :) And yes, they definitely took fashion to a whole new level

  8. That means a lot to me that you love this post Sienna! And I totally agree with that the collection was one of the most colourful of the Spring 2014 season :)

  9. It was one of my hands down faves

  10. Thanks Carolyn! The accessories were definitely my favourite part of the show :)


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