October 16, 2013

coachella couture.

Spotting this editorial was practically living summer all over again. This sun bathed shoot featuring Tanya Katysheva for the November issue of Marie Claire Australia can only be described in two words : Coachella couture. Donned in a to-die-for mix of summer wear from a Burberry gown with a metallic collar to bright fabrics and knits and set in the gorgeous Splendour festival a la Coachella, this makes me want to go back to the warm, balmy days of summer where it was all hot and breezy, where sunglasses and mid-length frocks were the perfect outfit for a day out in the sun. With the arrival of fall, Tanya channelling Coachella was just enough to bring back the summer vibes and all the dreaming that came with it.

Images from Visual Optimism


  1. These scenes look like something out of a dream...

    1. They totally made me dream of blissful summer

  2. What a lovely editorial. It has me longing for summer...

    Love, Amy.


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