October 01, 2013

Blogger Spotlight : Victoria Berezhna

This month's Blogger Spotlight features a very special blogger whose blog I have admired for a long time. Meet Victoria Berezhna, a self-proclaimed wanderluster who aspires to discover the world through fashion, culture and cuisine. Her blog, Bougeotte features everything from photo diaries of her travels to beautiful places around the world (read : Monaco, Paris, London and Seychelles) and her love for style icons from the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, to the latest item on her lust list and inspirational images. I love how she manages to weave all her diverse interests into one gorgeous blog, and like all her other faithful followers of her blog, every post has been a joy to read for me. Her flair for writing has also earned her a place as contributor for the blog {this is glamorous} and whatever your interest is, you would definitely find something to swoon over in her blog. Read on to find out more!

1.What's the story behind Bougeotte?
Bougeotte was created around this time last year as a personal place for inspiration and all the things that I love - mainly fashion, culture, travels & aesthetic images. The name is a direct translation into French of the term 'wanderlust' which means someone with a strong desire to travel, however for me the word signifies much more - someone who yearns to discover the world through its different elements: culture, music, the arts, the humanities, fashion, cuisine. 

2. Why did you create Bougeotte?
I created Bougeotte to post about all those things that I love, and simply because I love the idea of merging fashion with history, art and cultures around the world. I'm a very opinionated person, with have strong views in everything - and Bougeotte seemed the perfect place to tell my opinions on fashion, and link it to everything I enjoy. I've also met some really amazing people, and received opportunities I never would have dreamed of - I had no idea that I was signing up to this when I pressed 'Done' and created my blog. 

3. What do you currently do?
I'm still in school - I have one year left until I go to university. 
4. What is your dream career?
My dream career is to take over LVMH and become its CEO - to be in charge of the business behind fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Givenchy or Céline. But knowing me, in one year I'll change my mind and want to become Secretary-General of the UN, since I want to study International Relations in university and change my mind about things every five minutes. 

5. How would you describe your sense of style?
It's ever changing - one day I'm in a classic mood where I wear a simple t-shirt tucked into jeans, or a trench coat, whilst other days I love wearing edgy pieces such as a skort with an assymetric top and Alaïa-style booties, or mixing prints. Right now I'm only 16 years old - so I love changing the style to surprise people and myself. Recently however, I've been into the punk vibe, wearing leather jackets and biker boots, but giving it all a nonchalant sense of elegance with a chain-link bag or some cat eye sunglasses. 

6. From all the places you have been, which one was your favourite?
As a wanderluster, I really couldn't say, as all of the places I have travelled to have had some kind of an impact on me - whether it's Uganda with its amazing people and simple way of life, New York giving its unstoppable energy to everyone living in it, or the Seychelles with its paradisiac beaches. Naming only one place would be discriminating every other place I've been to - impossible!
7. Who inspires you?
Timeless style icons from past decades; Jackie O, Catherine Deneuve, Grace Kelly, Wallis Simpson, Audrey Hepburn, as well as modern ones such as Olivia Palermo. Frequently it's people I see on street style blogs who I don't know, but who have the one item which I love, and end up lusting after for about a month. 

8. What is your biggest achievement so far in this year?
This year has been absolutely amazing - I organized a charity fashion show with my best friend, which turned out to be an amazing success, raising €2000 for a local NGO, I started writing for the lifestyle and inspiration blog {this is glamorous}, and attended the Parsons Summer Program to study fashion history. I've also travelled quite a lot; The Gambia, Monaco, France, London, Turkey, and planning on travelling to London, Paris and Singapore later this year! Right now I'm applying to universities, which is very very exciting too. 

9. Fave food/music? 
My favourite food would have to be truffle risotto, and my favourite song will forever be Sweet Nothing by Florence Welch.

10. Something special about your country? 
Spain has amazing things - including siestas, fiestas and the sun. You'll have to see for yourself though, since these are only three of the hundreds of experiences my country has to offer. 

11. What are your hobbies?
I absolutely love horse riding & show jumping - I do it every day I can, it calms me down and is a really good way to exercise. I am also starting to play polo soon, which will be challenging yet really rewarding. 

12. Any wardrobe must-haves?
A pair of perfect skinny jeans, a black leather jacket, some ripped jean shorts, a marl-gray tee that sits on you perfectly, a trench coat in a pastel colour, a chain-link bag, and something red - preferably a ruby ring. I wear mine everywhere! 
13. What advice do you have for fellow style bloggers around the world? 
Be yourself, but at the same time find a niche that's perfect for you, since your readers will know what kind of posts to expect from you and will know you won't start posting about something completely random like One Direction or cuff links after a series of posts on summer inspiration and travel diaries. Also something very important, do not copy other people's blogs, since it backfires and incredibly annoys the owners, and always link back to wherever you got inspiration or images from. Aside from that, stay true to yourself and the message you're trying to convey. 
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