September 28, 2013

Weekend Inspiration #21 : Model Behaviour

Can you believe just three weeks ago all of us were getting hyped up over the start of a new season? Fast forward about a month later and we're right in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. After hectic shows at New York, London and Milan, the fashion world has now turn its attention and affections onto the City of Lights. And what is fashion week without models?
 Models are one of the main reasons why I get uber excited over Fashion Week, apart from the gorgeous clothes of course. They're the ones that make Fashion Week fun, cool and glamorous and a model is all it takes to make or break a runway look. But apart from being photographed on the street or sashaying down the catwalk, (or from their Twitter or Instagram accounts,) we don't really get to see their personalities and their off-duty selves in action very often. Looking to Vogue, I found an entire collection of candid backstage shots that continously made me laugh out loud. This was the first time I have seen so many candids in one place! Expect antics, candids and everything in between from the models as they prep up for the runway show and survive the madness that is Fashion Week. As they say, girls do just want to have fun, including models.


  1. lovely pics <3

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  2. Even in candids, models look amazing. And what would a candid round up be without Cara? Love this post, it was kind of "tumblr inspirational" for me :)

  3. I love looking at pictures like that to make myself look jealous on how amazing they look on and off stage.

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    Cassandra | Backtofive

  4. these pictures definitely made me smile! Love it how models always keep a fun, bright mood in the middle of all this hectic things :)


  5. I totally agree! They really make Fashion Week so much more light-hearted :)

  6. Haha thanks Sienna! And exactly, what's a candid round up without Cara? :)

  7. I found those photos very refreshing. It's very interesting seeing models with other tan their glamorous pout and poses on catwalks :)


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