August 17, 2013

Weekend Inspiration #19 : Think Pink

Powder Pink Coats Christian Dior, Miu Miu Carven
"On Wednesdays we wear pink!" Pink has long been my favourite colour, and I'm sure many of you are been a huge fan of pink too. Since Mean Girls happened pink was strictly a Wednesday colour, but in the recent seasons there is now more reason to wear pink! Along with other gorgeous hues of blue and gold, Vogue has coined pink as one of the most desirable shades of the A/W 2013 season. The September issue of British Vogue has practically 12 whole pages as a tribute to the season's hottest shade (with Cara Delevingne in it)! However this latest obsession is not something new, as labels from Chanel and Miu Miu to Dior and Carven have featured the rosy hue in their Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collections. Colours ranging from vibrant vivacious pink to delicate baby-pink blushes were used, giving the season a sweet, whimsical and romantic feel. There's one shade for every girl, so take your pick and think pink!


What do you think of this rosy shade? Do you prefer blue or gold?


  1. I'm loving how pink is coming into fashion!

    Cara looks amazing in this seasons Vogue Doesn't she! and i love the Dior bag!

    Such pretty pictures!

  2. I love that pale pink especially, that's so beautiful!


  3. Pink is such a beautiful, feminine color. Nice pictures.xx

  4. Thanks Claire! Cara looks amazing <3

  5. That's why girls love it so much! :)

  6. Great inspiration post! I would love to see more like these posts!

    Thumbs up!

    // Patrick Pankalla


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