August 21, 2013

10 Street Style Blogs To Know Now

collage13 The Best Street Style Blogs: 25 Inspiring Sites to Bookmark Now
Fashion Week is my favourite time of the year, and also the most notable event on any style maven's calendar worth her salt. Not only would it be another chance to feast our eyes on delectable couture on the runway, we also get to see them off the runway, that is on the backs of who's who of the fashion world, donning the season's latest trends. And what better way to chronicle their fashion choices than in a street style blog? 
Molly Bladskog jumps!
During Fashion Week, all you need to do is to walk past say Lincoln Centre during New York Fashion Week, and ta-da! Style paparazzi clicking away at throngs of preening fashionistas, wearing everything from the latest trends to vintage finds and limited edition capsule collection pieces. These snaps have become inspiration to the fashion-conscious more than the glossy editorials in magazines, mainly because real-life people are wearing the clothes in an everyday life setting (minus the photographers at the back), thus it is more accessible and relatable. Trends are also set and seeing the latest looks of It-personalities has increasingly become a hobby for many people (including me!). Although I would love to feature renowned blogs like The Sartorialist and Altamira, today I would be focusing on lesser-known, but equally inspiring street style blogs from all around the world that you need to know (and bookmark!) now.
Model running sticking tongue out
This blog is just one word. Breathtaking. It doesn't picture still images of people posing, rather it takes action shots of people in their candid moments in the streets as well as detailed close ups of a variety of accessories. Definitely a must-visit, especially if you need a little cheering up. 
One of the most successful street style blogs out there, Wayne Tippets captures his photos with a unique photo journalist take on street style. 
This is one of my favourite, partly because it features street style looks in Singapore! It always makes me smile to see a familiar building at the background in some of the pictures.
This Italian blog stands out in the fact that they interview every person they photograph, giving readers a peek into these style-setters world. The name of this blog is also really unique! 
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Born in Australia, Candice is based in London as a blogger, photographer and most amazingly, Contributing Style Editor at Vogue. With these kind of credentials, you can definitely count on her to produce swoon-worthy snaps of off the runway style.
Trendy street style from the upscale neighbourhood of East London.
7. Xssat
Jodie Fox | Leopard print faux fur jacket | Sydney girls street style | Xssat Street Fashion
Captured by Xiaohan Shen, these photographs have landed her covetable features in Vogue, Elle and Refinery29! Look to her blog for the most gorgeous looks in the streets of Sydney.
From the colourful streets of St. Petersburg, Russia comes this micro-blog which features Russians going about their daily lives in style. 
This blog also hails from St.Petersburg, but this time expect to see luxe pieces from notable style labels donned by many a Miroslava-to-be! 
Israeli-based, this blog takes most of its pictures from the streets of Tel Aviv and the simple yet stylish outfits really took my breath away! The scenery in some of the pictures are also equally amazing.

What do you think of these street style blogs? Which one is your favourite?


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