July 29, 2013

Window Dressing.

I can't describe how much I love this editorial, it's practically my dream shopping trip! Being able to saunter down the street donning enviable clothing, with dozens of top-tier designer shopping bags hanging from the crook of your arm, in those filled to the brim with the latest covetable togs to hit the runway. There would even be someone to help you carry all your shopping around while all you have to do is to decide what to buy next! 

What I really admire about this editorial is that it brought out famous brand signatures in a elegant yet stylish way. From Michael Kors' futuristic city style to Chanel's famous tweed and black and white branding, Fendi's well-known penchant for loud fur togs to Prada's renowned gingham suits, this editorial has really brought out styles which are synonymous with the labels involved and pieced them together into works of editorial art.

What do you think about this editorial? Which one was your favourite?


  1. ive been drooling over that last marc jacobs sequined coat since it first showed in february omg *to die for*

  2. That editorial is brilliant!!! I wish I was in it.

  3. I totally agree! The sequined coat is utterly covetable

  4. Same thing! The editorial has been one of my major source of daydreams these days :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I love this so much. It is totally a dream shopping day! X.



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