July 23, 2013

Style Icon Of The Month : Miranda Kerr

Hey lovelies! I just had an amazing idea to do a monthly series on my latest style crush. I already had a long list of people I get style inspiration from, so I wondered why not I do a monthly series to share them with all of you? In addition to my monthly Blogger Spotlight series, this one would feature my favourite style icons ranging from Miranda Kerr to Miroslava Duma, Cara Delevingne to Jennifer Lawrence. This is the first part of the series featuring Miranda Kerr, hope you like it!
Street Style
Victoria's Secret Angel and supermodel Miranda Kerr has always been on everyone's best dressed list, whether is it those from the likes of Vogue or Style.com, or personal ones kept by people like me, she's one of the most talked about women in the fashion world. Whether is it off-duty in the streets sporting the latest It-Bag (or her adorable son Flynn), or is it on the red carpet donning a gorgeous gown, Miranda's style is not only unique to call her own, it's also worth dedicating millions of blog posts to.
Despite being a mum, she never looks frumpy or mumsy and manages to pull off killer street style outfits, many of which has been constantly lauded by style blogs and publications all around the world, for her powerful mix of casual, chic and major sex appeal. Her sleek style image and impeccable wardrobe has earned her as a spokesmodel for Mango, which ads are seen in practically every major city. 
So what makes her effortless chic style and her to-die-for wardrobe the source of pangs of sartorial envy? It's all about the combination! Take Miranda on a sunny day in NYC. She saunters down the street in a floral Topshop skirt, but chose to keep the top simple in a white tank. That's not all, she goes the extra style mile by throwing in accessories from luxe labels. A Burberry Barrel bag, Miu Miu sunglasses (whom she's obsessed with), nude Alexander Wang heels, you name it, she has it. Even that basic tank came from renowned designer Isabel Marant. No wonder she's such a style star, she's got tons of sartorial smarts, mixing practical with luxe, feminine chic with sleek silhouettes.“For me it’s all about keeping things simple and feeling comfortable in what I am wearing." If that's not note-worthy style advice, I don't know what is.
On the red carpet
Here's a snippet of Harper's Bazaar's interview with her, read on to find out more about her take on style!
Harper's Bazaar: Describe your style in three words.
Miranda Kerr: Classic, chic and comfortable.

HB: Who are your style icons, one living, one dead?
MK: I have always admired Audrey Hepburn’s style and my Nan has always been a style icon for me. Growing up I would play in her wardrobe and was very influenced by her. She taught me that you don't need to have a lot of money to have style. It’s the way you put things together and how you carry yourself.

HB: What are you buying this fall to update your look?
MK: Leather baseball cap — I saw this particular one on Instagram and ordered it immediately.

HB: You've become a street style star for your effortless off-duty look. What's your formula for success?
MK: For me it’s all about keeping things simple and feeling comfortable in what I am wearing. I prefer investing in classic well tailored pieces.
HB: What would you never wear?
MK: Never say never! I'm open to trying new things.

HB: What is your wardrobe MVP? 
MK: Right now it’s a pair of Cartier diamond earrings — they are really delicate and timeless.

HB: Go-to shopping spots?
MK: Because I’m never in one spot for too long I shop a lot on Net-a-Porter.

HB: Turning to your career, what did walking in the Balenciaga show mean to you?
MK: Walking the runway for Balenciaga is amazing — I love working with Nicolas Ghesquiere, he is so talented and I love what he does. Each season he inspires me and I am always honoured to work with him.
What do you think about Miranda Kerr? Has she been one of your go-to style stars?
Pictures via here and here, edited by me


  1. Love Miranda Kerr. She can pull off any look and look so fierce! There's a reason why she's an angel for sure.

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  2. love her style :>

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  3. She can pull of anything, even garbage and still look gorgeous


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