June 27, 2013

Bonjour Bloglovin'!

Google Reader Alternative GFC Alternative
A few weeks ago, Google announced the depressing news that it would be removing Google Reader from the 1st of July. I have no idea why they want to shut it down, I've been using Google Reader for ages and I'm really sad to see it go. At first I thought it was some rumour and it wasn't really going to happen, but when Google made it official I was really shocked. I have been following blogs via Bloglovin', but GFC has always been the main gadget I use to catch on all my fave blogs! I love Google Reader's simplicity although sometimes there are problems with the photos and the titles within posts, some of my friends in the blogosphere do not have Bloglovin' and I'm afraid I'll lose them!
But there is hope! Bloglovin' is extremely easy to sign up and to claim your blog, it practically takes less than 3 mins.Just create a Bloglovin' account hereimport your blogs from Google reader and ta-da! Your Bloglovin' dashboard is up and running, it's that simple! You may want to add a Bloglovin' widget to your site to direct your followers to your Bloglovin' page and there is even an Apple app (they're working on an Android one) for those of you who read on the go.
One more thing, there is a petition which you can sign to prevent Google from shutting down GFC/Google Reader, get all your friends to sign it, just provide your name, email and city you live in, that's all. If you love GFC/Google Reader and you wouldn't want to see it go,do sign it!





  1. I found bloglovin to be really great, I love that they come to my inbox!

  2. I'm so sad as well, GFC comes in handy and it's really hard for me to loose so many readers...On a brighter note, let me just congratulate you on your blog, the design , the name and the content is incredible!!

    Have an amazing weekend,
    Mary x


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