May 11, 2013

Weekend Inspiration : Met Gala Candids

Met Ball DinnerKarlie Kloss

Inside the Met Ball. Karlie Kloss being as cute as a button!
Miley Cyrus

Close friends: Cara and Sienna were seen joking around together before they entered the Met Ball
Brit gang: Rita, Cara and Alexa Chung partying at the gala
British Invasion.
All about the pout: Pixie, Rita and Cara show off their best lippy looks
Working it: More air kissing from Rita, Cara, Kelly Osbourne and Jourdan Dunn
Awesome camera effects
Work chat: Taylor and Zooey were perhaps chatting about Taylor's upcoming appearance on New Girl
Jennifer Lwrence, Sarah Jessica Parker, GIF
Best Photobomb Award goes to? None other than Jennifer Lawrence for her amazing photobomb gif.

Kelly Osbourne gives J.Lo's butt a thumbs up!

What you get when you leave celebs without the paparazzi, full-blown camwhoring. I'm having exams now and there are mountains and mountains of homework left to be done. Wish me luck!
Have an amazing weekend ahead!


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