May 27, 2013

Sweet as Candi

Who doesn't love Candice? I'm not talking about just any Candice, I'm talking about the drop-dead gorgeous Candice Swanepoel. Her signature icy pale blue eyes and her to-die-for blonde locks makes her instantly recognisable in the fashion industry and she's just 24! I totally love her for having a natural figure, she's not like some models who look like they never ever eat and are close to being nothing more than skin and bones. For an aspiring model like me, she's really an inspiration because it shows that not only skinny models make it in the fashion industry. She looks utterly be-ayy-ti-ful in this editorial for the June issue of Australian Vogue and the looks are just so wearable! I have a feeling the clothes have something to do with her love for the beach, because the stripes, straw hat and crop tops are a clear nod to nautical. I'm just dying to add the summer-perfect togs to my wardrobe, aren't you?

I know you're going to scream at me "How can you not guess?", I didn't know that she was South African! I knew she didn't look like an American or European, much less an Asian but I really couldn't guess she was from Africa! Another encouraging fact that you don't have to be American or European to succeed as a model. Since she was spotted at 15 in a flea market (of all places!), she has done numerous covers for Vogue, ELLE and Harper's Bazaar as well as ads for labels from Juicy Couture and Miu Miu, to Chanel and Versace. She's best known as a VS Angel since 2010, and she was listed as one of the top-earning models in the in the world as of last year in Forbes magazine. (Let me just pause to register the fact that Candice became a VS Angel at 20.)

Here are some interesting facts about her:
+ Her full name is Candice Susan Swanepoel .
+ She loves shopping, dancing and being on the beach.
+ She is currently living in New York, NY (My dream city!) .
+ Her favorite designers are Chloe, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacobs.
+ She was born on October 20 and she's a Libra.
+ She's fluent in Afrikaans and Portuguese.
 + She counts Behati Prinsloo and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as close friends.
+ She was originally a brunette.

Who is your fave VS Angel? What do you think about the editorial?

Hope you like this kind of post!


  1. This editorial is beautiful, I love the styling. Miranda Kerr is my favorite VS model but I love Candice too. xx

  2. NYC is my dream city too! She looks beautiful, I love that blue dress she's wearing.

  3. amazing <3
    check out my latest look :
    xoxo Khloe

  4. Love this post. Awesome blog.

    Followed you on Twitter :D


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