May 13, 2013

Style Cookie's on Instagram!

Hey ladies, just posting to announce that Style Cookie's on Instagram! I've been mulling over it for weeks 
and weeks now, and I finally decided that I should have a Instagram for the blog to connect to you It-girls! If you want to follow me, it's @thestylecookie and yes, you can call it a mini-blog because I would be posting bits of my life, sneak peeks as well as style updates and more. Apologies if I spam your Insta-feed at times, I'm a picture person and I'm a sucker for gorgeous and well-taken photos, so I might post even 4-5 photos in one day! But of course I'll try to space it out evenly so that it wouldn't become a mega source of headache, haha. Also, if you're too lazy to go on Instagram, you can also check out the widget on the sidebar for updates. I utterly promise that it'll be full of delicious style snaps, so stay tuned for future pictures! 

P.S. Leave your Instagram account so I can follow you!



  1. So great! I'm definitely going to follow you!

  2. I just followed you on instagram!
    my instagram is:
    so feel free to check it out!



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