May 06, 2013

Hello May

My Summer Wishlist / Shopping Carpe Diem
Clothes, Shoes and Bags
Summer Wishlist : Clothes, Bags and Accessories
Blue A-line dress // Lulu Guiness pouch // Necklace // Charm bracelet // Pink Ray-Bans // Diana Dreamer Camera // H&M Conscious top 
Topshop jeans // Louboutin heels // Cambridge satchel // Victoria's Secret iPhone cover // Roxy bag // Jimmy Choo flats

I weep every time I go to Polyvore because all the bee-ay-ti-ful clothes under the "All Items" header are in full view, but the thing is that all of them are super duper expensive. Which is pretty sad because the prices are more than a 100 miles away from my budget, and I'm just dreaming about all these wonderful togs right now! When I was compiling this set, I realised that even though I dreamt about a lot of things I wished to have, but I didn't actually put them into a list so I was completely clueless! But drawing reference from my fave brands (Victoria's Secret, Juicy Couture, Roxy, Topshop etc) helped in a way, so in the end I managed to put together a set that surprisingly (gasp!) summed up my sartorial desires, hahah :) I'm loving the glamorous shimmery Louboutins and the Cambridge Satchel which is like the Mulberry Alexa for teens, as well as the H&M Conscious palm print top and the Diana Dreamer Camera (the new It-DSLR!). Basically, I heart everyone of those things up there and those things below.
Summer Wishlist : Makeup
NARS Spring 2013 Eye Color Palette // Taylor Swift Wonderstruck // Nars Lipstick // Victoria's Secret Body Lotion // Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour // The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter // YSL Rouge Volupte

 To tell you the truth, I don't actually have a make-up collection apart from one polish and two lip glosses and I borrow the rest from my mum, so I hope that in the future I would have a bigger and better make-up collection. I absolutely heart pink (which girl doesn't?) and I can just totally see my makeup collection in the future being overloaded with so many shades of pink! I love the Chanel Le Vernis polishes, there are just so many colours to choose from just from the Le Vernis collection alone! Totally proves how awesome Chanel is.

Apologies for the super long roll of tumblr pictures, there is just so much inspiration from it! Honestly, getting a Tumblr was the worst decision of my academic life because I usually get distracted from homework and I'll start scrolling through my Tumblr feed. There are just so many amazing things on Tumblr that really cannot be found anywhere else! (I sound like some Tumblr advertiser, haha ) I hope these pictures have inspired you like how they inspired me.

Which one of the pictures is your favourite? What's in your Summer Wishlist?



  1. I want to have the little diana camera, too. She makes wonderful pictures.


    1. Me too! I bet the pictures would be gorgeous :)

  2. love that paris pic <3
    check out my latest post:

  3. Love all the pictures, read your bio and I cant believe youre only 13! You have a great eye for fashion for your age. Great blog and consider me your newest follower! Great job, keep it up!
    Feel free to check out mine as well

  4. Awhh, thanks for nominating me! And I love how girly and feminine this post is. The pink camera is so cute!

  5. I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!! <3

  6. this post is so colorful and full of life! I just love it! I think I`m going through the same thing as you, only with!I fear my academic life is over too. I write for 15 minutes and then take a "quick" pause to refresh my neurons..and it turns in an houre long pause...DAMN THIS SITES!!!!
    xoxo, love your blog!


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