May 10, 2013

Chanel Resort Cruise 2014

I still can't quite get over the fact that just yesterday, Carine Roitfeld, Andre Leon Talley and Dakota Fanning came to Singapore! I was frantically tweeting and retweeting all the tweets with the #chanelcruisesg hashtag and all the Singaporean bloggers were just freaking out over Twitter! (hint : check out the sidebar) I mean, this is the first internationally major event that has happened in Singapore and the buzz is practically like Paris Fashion Week! Not to mention all the models including Cara Delevingne (I can die), Lindsey Wixson, Joan Smalls, Saskia De Brauw , Ondria Hardin as well as Karl Lagerfeld who walked the runway for the Chanel Resort Cruise 2014 (Karl closed the show, so yes, he walked the runway). Honestly, every time I read out "Chanel Resort Cruise 2014" to myself, I feel a new sense of excitement firstly because somehow it reminds me of being in a super exotic and glamorous private island and surrounded by Chanel dresses, bags and perfumes! Secondly, the fact that style A-listers from all over the world stepped on Singapore soil and breathed the same atmosphere as me is practically the closest brush I have ever had with fame. It's just too exciting to be real! Anyhow, here is my review of the Chanel Resort Cruise 2014.
In the spirit of Cruise, warm yellow light set the pleasant tone for the collection, yes not pre-collection, as  opened the show.“I like the idea that it’s not impeccable,” Lagerfeld said. “There’s a romantic charm that new things cannot always have. It’s not [just] about the historical details, but also the mood.” History also came into play in the designs.“It’s a bit of Chanel’s history and a bit of influence from this part of the world.” The collection had a strong and largely monochrome feel right from the start as models sauntered down the incredibly long runway in black, white, or beige clothes. Paying homage to the days of British colonialism, many of Lagerfeld's designs were cricket-inspired, accented with knee-pads and bats. Combining womenswear with menswear, the designs also incorporated Chanel's love for sportswear in the first few looks of the collection and there was a hint of the varsity jacket in the two-toned jacket linings.

Staying true to the black and white scheme apart from the occasional navy blue and muted neutrals, the collection morphed into cleaner and more structured pieces. Day-wear became more formal as the tops became black for the long-skirted takes of the classic Chanel suit. 
The collection then drifted into lighter tones as grey was added into tweed, another hallmark of Chanel, in the form of long-skirt suit for women and printed cropped, midriff-baring tops. There was also heavier use of chunky accessories, giving the looks an almost punk feel to them. The most extreme was donned on all-time-favourite-model Cara Delevingne complete with fingerless gloves, making her look like a child dressed up in her mother's pajamas.

Sportswear returned in printed sweatpants and Karl Lagerfeld infamously said that "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants". I beg to differ, and only if they’re Chanel sweatpants then it’s a true sartorial victory rather than a defeat to wear them.
An almost denim-like woven fabric mixed sportswear with tailored jackets and wide-legged high-waisted pants. Tops seen included a knitted long-sleeved blouse and an intricate lace blouse with floral overlays, leading the way to the final series of elegant evening wear pieces. 

Evening wear came arrived in silk, crepe and chiffon. Loose, oversized jackets were paired up halter monochrome dresses and beaded white silk tops as well as bangles and bags with the interlocking Cs.

Structured coats and jackets then entered the runway in white and beige complete with drooping chains of pearls cinched around the collars.Skirts became more adorned in gold chain belts and the togs started to veer towards a creamy, off-white colour palette.

White took centre stage in the next few looks as chiffon and silk crepe dresses dropped the waist line and tops became lightly embellished with intertwining white swirls. Minute florals blended with white were seen on heavy-looking, almost boxy jackets and collared dresses and a richly sequined and beaded plunging pink top was teamed with a pair of silk shorts.

A darker palette started to creep into the collection as the next few looks had black and white patterned Goyard-like prints on V-neck tops and stitching on thigh-skimming dresses.
That was when the glamour began.A fitted figure hugging black dress was followed by thick black jackets complete with cutout skirts, and the sunglasses brought cool to the strong structured outfits.

Angle-grazing glittery black dresses in tulle were jazzed up with layered frothy yet structured, frills adding volume to shoulders.

White floral prints added volume to the dresses . Stained white and black feathers appeared in the next few looks,  jutting out from the bust, hips , ankles and then full-blown oversized, boxy - jacket dress worn by Cara Delevingne.

Sequined gowns gave an added dose of luxury to the either in black with white, wide lapels or in all-black . Heel grazing white sleeveless,  silk dresses with faint ruching and mid-length slits were bedecked in yet another house signature -‒ long ropes of pearls.

This collection perfectly combined luxe with wearability and if I had the money,  I would have grabbed all those gorgeous clothes off the rack in 10 seconds flat! P.S. Leave your Twitter username so I can follow you!

Spotted any #chanelcruisesg tweets recently?  What do you think of the collection?  Which one is your favourite look?



  1. Love the collection, so gorgeous. Cara looks amazing as usual. Twitter: MindlessLayo. xx

    1. I totally agree! The collection was definitely gorgeous and Cara really looks amazing :)


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