May 31, 2013

Summer of Doutzen

If you've read my blog recently, you would realise that this is the second time I featured a VS Angel in just one week! But my biggest dream is to become a VS Angel when I grow up, so it's natural, wait scratch that, a must that I learn as much as I can from them. I featured South African stunner Candice Swanepoel on Monday, so today I'm going to introduce the gorgeous Doutzen Kroes and her latest ad for H&M's 2013 Sensual Summer collection, which is "a mix of earthy tones and modern print," according to the Swedish retailer's website. This season has been full of high-profile campaigns for Doutzen including Miu Miu, Tiffany & Co., and Victoria's Secret, H&M being the latest one.The entire campaign was utter eye candy for me and I promise you would love it too!
Doutzen Kroes for HM

See what I mean by eye candy? The first time I saw the campaign, it was fashion-love at first sight. The lighting is perfect, the looks are perfect, Doutzen is perfect, the background is perfect, well basically everything in the campaign was perfect. It made me crave the warm, lazy and fun days of summer and is practically the most amazing summer campaign I have ever seen! Kudos to Terry Richardson for this fabulous campaign, which was shot in a Mexican beach house in beautiful Tulum, Mexico. Throughout the 10+ ads in the campaign series, it oozed pure summer exoticness and the beach-tousled hair perfectly channelled Brigitte Bardot with her brown-blonde locks. Doutzen lounges around the beach house in summer must-haves from the line, such as feminine printed dresses, playsuits, beach wear and embellished accessories with a subtle nod to safari.

Set your summer spirit free!
What do you think of the campaign? Which one is your favourite? What are some of your summer must-haves?

May 29, 2013

Tropical Island

Summer is officially in and what better way to feel like you're in California soaking up the sun, sand and palm trees than wearing tropical prints? Not only does it save loads of money (from the airplane ticket), it also makes the perfect summer style statement. From Valentino and Tsumori Chisato on the A/W 2013 runway to style mavens and bloggers all around the world, these eclectic prints are everywhere this season and as the fashion world eats up this colourful and vibrant print, you should do too! Tropical prints can range from Rio de Janeiro-inspired palm prints to grass prints and flower prints and they are usually set against a muted background such as white, black or even pastels. Vibrant hues and lush prints would instantly transport you to style paradise, and here are some ideas for you to bring exotic to your wardrobe.
Summer Looks : Tropical Prints
Some things to look out for :
+ If you're new to the trend, dip into it by jazzing up a casual look with a printed statement piece.Then as you go along, muster some style courage and go full blown bright and bold with a top-to-toe tropical prints ensemble. 
+ Opt for togs with splashes of bright colours such as cherry red, aqua, tangerine, cobalt blue, violet and emerald green (Pantone's Colour of the Year! ). 
+ Pair them up with muted neutrals such as olive green, black, white and pastels. Add in metallic accents in the form of clutches and accessories and you're 10/10 ready for island life.
+ Scarves are another way to inject life into an everyday look. To do that, style it with a halter top and a pair of espadrilles for maximum effect.
+ Umbrella drinks are optional but highly recommended.

What is your favourite print? Would you try out tropical prints this season? Which blogger do you think wore it the best?


May 27, 2013

Sweet as Candi

Who doesn't love Candice? I'm not talking about just any Candice, I'm talking about the drop-dead gorgeous Candice Swanepoel. Her signature icy pale blue eyes and her to-die-for blonde locks makes her instantly recognisable in the fashion industry and she's just 24! I totally love her for having a natural figure, she's not like some models who look like they never ever eat and are close to being nothing more than skin and bones. For an aspiring model like me, she's really an inspiration because it shows that not only skinny models make it in the fashion industry. She looks utterly be-ayy-ti-ful in this editorial for the June issue of Australian Vogue and the looks are just so wearable! I have a feeling the clothes have something to do with her love for the beach, because the stripes, straw hat and crop tops are a clear nod to nautical. I'm just dying to add the summer-perfect togs to my wardrobe, aren't you?

I know you're going to scream at me "How can you not guess?", I didn't know that she was South African! I knew she didn't look like an American or European, much less an Asian but I really couldn't guess she was from Africa! Another encouraging fact that you don't have to be American or European to succeed as a model. Since she was spotted at 15 in a flea market (of all places!), she has done numerous covers for Vogue, ELLE and Harper's Bazaar as well as ads for labels from Juicy Couture and Miu Miu, to Chanel and Versace. She's best known as a VS Angel since 2010, and she was listed as one of the top-earning models in the in the world as of last year in Forbes magazine. (Let me just pause to register the fact that Candice became a VS Angel at 20.)

Here are some interesting facts about her:
+ Her full name is Candice Susan Swanepoel .
+ She loves shopping, dancing and being on the beach.
+ She is currently living in New York, NY (My dream city!) .
+ Her favorite designers are Chloe, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacobs.
+ She was born on October 20 and she's a Libra.
+ She's fluent in Afrikaans and Portuguese.
 + She counts Behati Prinsloo and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as close friends.
+ She was originally a brunette.

Who is your fave VS Angel? What do you think about the editorial?

Hope you like this kind of post!

May 22, 2013

Cara at the Cannes

Cara Delevingne, Cannes Festival 2013, black lace dress, nars, bobbi brown, alexander mcqueen
A few fabulous days ago, A-listers from Hollywood and the fashion world stepped out on the red carpet for the Cannes Festival 2013. But I totally didn't expect Cara Delevingne to be there! I know you're going to scream "How can you not expect her to arrive?", but it really didn't cross my mind that she would be on the guest list. Back to her outfit, she looked utterly gorgeous (according to a very biased me) in a black lace V-neck Burberry gown, topping it off with sparkly jewellery, a few swipes of dark red lipstick and smokey eye makeup. Her side swept hair was a romantic touch to the vampish but glamorous look. Backtrack a few weeks ago at the Met Ball, she also wore a V-neck black Burberry gown and side swept hair. But being the It-girl that she is, she can pull of even an almost-repeated outfit and not get bad press. Scroll down for snaps of the Cannes! 
Causing a stir: Cara Delevingne, 20, had all eyes on her as she made her way along the red carpet as if it were her catwalk on Wednesday evening at the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival at the Theatre Lumiere
Turning heads as she sashayed onto the red carpet.
She's a vamp: Cara strutted her stuff in the black lace gown with a plunging neckline while she finished her look with smokey eyes and dark red lipsShe scrubs up well: The 20-year-old catwalk star ditched her usual tomboy style for the glamorous gown as she made sure she left her mark among the A List crowd
Ditching her usual tomboy style of beanies; backpack and crop tops, she made her way on the red carpet in a fabulous Burberry lace dress.
Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne
Isn't the jewellery just amazing?
A model entrance: Cara stole the show in her Burberry gown - capturing the attention of the crowd
Love the look? Steal it with these black lace dresses. If you're going for a formal event or even a glamorous soirĂ©e, black maxi gowns are for you. Accessorize them with a statement clutch and chunky jewellery for a fabulous outfit that would definitely turn heads. For a girls' day/night out or a casual trip, opt for the shorter versions in the form of body-con frocks and A-line dresses. Jazz them up with bright chunky bangles and necklaces and it can be paired with almost any bag including clutches, carry-alls and tote bags. 
Black Lace Dresses

From left to right : Versace lace knit dress, Alexander McQueen dragonfly lace dress, Alexander McQueen black lace bone detail dress, Three Little Words lace skater dress, Issa lace-paneled stretch-knit dress, Mimi Blix for Nelly Iman lace dress, Jane Norman lace maxi dress, Black and white lace split maxi dress from Debenhams, Topshop petite lace waist maxi dress, Dorothy Perkins petite mirror lace print maxi dress, Paul Smith lace detail pleat front maxi dress and New Look black lace panel cut away maxi dress.

On another note : for all the Cara fans out there, here are my faves of all things Cara. 
Cara delevingne, dkny, barbara palvin, vogue uk, miss vogue, love magazine, vsfs 2012, pink ball, owls, yellow, rita ora, chanel, cannes, new york
What do you think of Cara's Cannes outfit? What kind of dress do you prefer, the body-con, A-line or maxi ones?

Hope you like this kind of post!

May 20, 2013

6 Must-have Colours for Summer

I can't believe I've not posted for 4 days! I've been really busy with school and I'm really sorry that I couldn't keep you updated about the world of fashion and that I also couldn't post the Weekend Inspiration for this week. Massive apologies! But now with school well behind me, I can get back to blogging again. (relief!) Anyhow, today I would be talking about the top 6 colours to wear for summer. As you know, summer's already starting to seep in and here in Singapore, although the weather is sunny almost 24/7/365, it's definitely getting warmer! When there's a new season in, it's always good to give your wardrobe a detox by adding in new colours. Especially, during summer because it's all warm and sunny, so bright colours would definitely make the perfect style statement. 
Summer Looks : Red
I, for the record, love red. It's extremely vibrant and immediately jazzes up any outfit with a bright pop of colour. Bright red is a great shade to try, and it is best worn with dark colours such as blue and black. However, if you're not comfortable with being too loud with bright red, then maroon is for you. It's a calmer, darker shade of red and it also has the same attention-grabbing effect, just only at a smaller scale.
Summer Ready : Orange
When I was making this set, I was searching for some orange accessories and as I was scrolling through the maze of orange hued togs, my jaw suddenly dropped. In front of me, was this gorgeous pair of orange-pink Chanel logo-embossed earrings! I mean, this is the first time in my entire life that I saw someting like that! I was utterly in love with it the moment I saw it because how often do you see the Chanel logo on things other than bags and perfume bottles? For me, it's almost never. So I bet you can imagine how excited I was when I saw them! 
Summer Ready : Pink
Which girl doesn't love pink? I mean, pink is like a childhood colour to me, I can remember myself always trying to get the pink sweet, or the pink pencil, or even sitting on a pink chair! And clearly, my love affair with pink has endured the test of time because till today, pink is still one of my favourite colours. See that pink iPhone cover up there? Guess who made it? None other than the uber-talented Marc Jacobs himself! I absolutely heart that cover, it's gives me a sense of whimsy and the heart-shaped lips and eyelashes are just to-die-for. The Cambridge Satchel (at the top) is also another one of my faves, it's been on my wishlist for ages! The quaint leather satchel has been spotted on style icons from Alexa Chung, to Zooey Deschanel to Elle Fanning and it comes in a variety of bright colours, so it's definitely meant for summer! 
Summer Looks : Emerald
Since Pantone announced that Emerald Green is the colour of 2013, fashion houses everywhere have been churning out togs from perfume bottles to nail polishes, from clothes to bags and shoes. I know some of the items up there aren't exactly emerald, but they were just too good to give up! Take the Olympia Le-Tan Miami clutch for example. It's one of the most eye-catching yet simple clutches I have ever seen and the block sand-coloured letters contrasting against the olive green background really made it stand out. Too bad it costs a few thousand, if not I would have grabbed it right away! I love the Dior Vernis nail polishes too, the entire range offers amazing hues of almost every colour and if you're a beauty junkie or just wanting to experiment with new looks, the Dior Vernis range is definitely for you.
Summer Looks : Blue
Never underestimate the power of blue. It's one of the only colours out there that can bring you from morning to night without comitting any serious fashion crimes. I mean, just look at the humble jeans. Can anything go wrong with it? I doubt so, and plus blue looks good on everyone (almost) , so it's one must-have colour for summer. I absolutely love Oscar de la Renta's Something Blue perfume, it has a unique colour combination of baby blue and light beige and there's even a story behind it! Apparently it follows the American tradition of a bride wearing  "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"on her wedding day. Who knew ODLR was so into bridals? I also heart the Lady Dior bag, it oozes class and sophistication without being overly serious and as great things come in small packages, it's the perfect arm candy with it's petite size. I know that the price is just sky-high, so all we can do now is to dream that one day, this bag would be swinging from our arms while we saunter down the street, haha. 
Summer Ready : Purple
One of the perfumes that are on the top of my to-try-and-buy list is the Vera Wang Princess. It's the glittery one with the crown on top over there and not only does it look like it's made for royalty, the tagline is really girly and fun! It's "Born to Rule" and it makes me feel that after just one spritz of the perfume, I'll be transported to a beautiful castle filled with rooms of clothes and all my favourite things. There would also be absolutely zero school and I can just sit back and relax as much as I want!  Who wouldn't want to just laze around and have all of your needs (and wants) taken care of ? But back to the point, I'm really dying to try out that perfume! Another thing I would love to have is the Jimmy Choo Candy clutch, the one with all the magenta and purple splotches of paint. It perfectly channels artist-chic and the colours look amazing together! Definitely It-bag material. 

What is your favourite colour? What are your summer wardrobe essentials?


May 15, 2013

Pink, Feathery Flamingos

Move over leopard prints, pink, fun and oh-so-fabulous flamingo prints are the latest It-thing. Flamingo prints are definitely the latest trend, they've been appearing on everything from jackets to tops to dresses and even sunglasses!With summer just in, it's the best time to embrace it and let some flamingoes into your wardrobe. Not only does it add a touch of whimsy, it brings a pop of colour and life with its bright peach-pink hue. It also brings positive thoughts! I mean like, what could go wrong when you have a flamingo on you (I don't mean literally)?! A flamingo print alone is enough to brighten up a bikini, clutch or dress and flamingo pink can pack a punch to an otherwise blah-blah look. I'm a sucker for pink, so this trend is definitely a must-try, scratch that, a must-have for any summer wardrobe! Here are some delicious photos of flamingoes to inspire you for this trend as well as some outfits ideas from Tumblr. Hope you like them!

Trend Spotting : Flamingo Prints

What do you think of the flamingo trend? Do you prefer this or the leopard/zebra/giraffe print? Any other prints you love?