April 25, 2013

Summer-Ready//6 Nail Polishes For Less

Hey guys! Here's the second post of my pop-up blog series, Summer Ready, which dishes summer style tips to prep you up for summer. (I'm loving the header!) Not only is it the hottest season of the year, it's the best time to add more colour to your wardrobe. And I'm not just talking about clothes, nails are another way to make a statement (think bright, bold and sparkly). Being totally bored and sick of doing math, I wandered around the web in search of statement accessories and voila! I stumbled upon this website and guess what I found? 6 ah-mazing textured nail polishes that are all and I mean all, below $20! As a student on a budget, I was practically in nail heaven and I was squealing and jumping up and down! (Who knew that heaven could come in a bottle?) I have never come across any nail polish that actually fits my budget and a lot of my fave nail polishes are really expensive (it's always the price, isn't it?) . Textured nail polishes are stepping up to It-status now, so stocking up on them for summer is like a total no-brainer. But enough for my thoughts, below are the 6 nail polishes that would elevate an outfit from an average to a wow.

1.China Glaze Texture// What these nail polishes lack in sparkle, they make up for with bright and bold day-glo colours.Go for these for a concrete and smooth finish.$7 each from chinaglaze.com in May.

2.Deborah Lippmann Mermaid Lacquers// Brimming with glitter, these nail polishes can mimic The Little Mermaid's sparkly tail with just one swipe. A must-have  for a trip to the beach!$19 each, deborahlippmann.com

3. OPI Liquid Sand//For this range, OPI drew inspiration from the iconic Bond Girls to produce stunning hues that dry to a matte, pebbled finish. Fabulous.$9.50 each, from opi.com

4.Julie G for Jessie's Girl Gumdrop Nail Polish//Inspired by the sugar coating on gumdrops, these vibrant lacquers bring a sweet treat to your nails, minus the calories.$4 each; riteaid.com.

5. Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Polish//Fearless shades jam-packed with glitter, this polish is perfect for making a bold fashion statement. $9 each; zoya.com.

6.Nails Inc. Feathers//These opaque glitters by Nails Inc. create a unique feathered texture that can be a major convo-starter. The print on the  bottles definitely made my love for these lacquers take flight!$9.50 each; sephora.com

What do you think of these textured lacquers?



  1. thanks for sharing, these nail polishes are awesome


  2. I love this post is super cute!

  3. Love this post! The nail polishes are perfect! Also I have nominated you for the Blogger Versatile Award!
    Feel free to check it out on my blog http://styleandskulls.blogspot.co.nz

    1. I'm so honoured to be nominated by you Ananya! Yiu made my day :)


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