April 16, 2013

Obsession du jour : Fashion gifs

Beware: while scrolling down, you may experience intense dizziness. But other than that, enjoy the gifs!
Daphne Groeneveld for Dior
Cool stockings
Shoe lust
Cara craziness
Candid Cara
Cara and Jourdan having a fun moment 
Don't blink!
Can't get enough of Lindsey Wixon? Same here!
VS Angel Alessandra Ambrosio giving us her love
Magdalena being as cute as a button! 
Sonia Rykiel 
I am officially obsessed with gifs. Ok, this might sound a bit stupid, but the whole time I obsessed over gifs, but I don't really know that gif stands for, haha. Gifs have long been viral on Tumblr, so all you just need to do is to scroll down a little bit and TA DA, gifs all over the place! And the things about gifs are that you never stop loving it, even if you watch it many times, you don't get bored of it, you get more and more in love with them every single time you see them. Gifs have always inspired me, made me laugh or just make me smile. Tumblr is always filled with pictures and it gets a bit boring sometimes, so when I see the gif logo, I start to get excited all over again. Once in a while I catch myself gawking over a gif for at 10 minutes, they're just so addicting to watch! It amazes me how eye-catching they can be, these mini-clips on a constant auto-repeat.Above are some of my fave gifs of all time from my Tumblr, hope you enjoyed them like I did!



  1. Hehe I saw your post today, it reminded me my post, since I did a fashion-gif post few days ago and wow you even had like 4 gifs that I also chose :) I guess we have the same taste, ha? :) In case you'd like to see, here's my post as well:


  2. Thanks for reaching out on IFB. Love the blog and the GIFs. <3

  3. i like gifs on tumblr too
    the patterned tights are really cute

  4. These are all so fun and mesmerizing. I love them too! haha

    Blog: CuteLA.com

  5. I love these! It's so true gifts never get dull!
    Xo, Jackie


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