April 12, 2013

Malaysia : Day 1

My feelings before the trip
These are the only two makeup items I brought just in case, Hourglass Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss and DelSol Reckless nail polish. I especially love DelSol because all it's products change colour when exposed to sunglight! Even though white nail polish doesn't look like much, it changes to fuchsia in the sun. I'm really grateful to my aunt for getting this present for me because this label is only available in Mauritius and the US, so if not for her, I would have never known this amazing label.
Keepsake things (from left to right) :Pouch from Thailand, Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm, badge from Australia, sunnies from Thailand, elephant keychain from Thailand, Eiffel Tower necklace from Paris, Big Ben keychain from London, a result of intense boredom : braid necklace made out of shoelaces and my all-important earphones.

On the coach
Remedy for extreme boredom on the coach : my newly acquired Topshop magazine. I love every single page of it, especially the ones with Cara, Rosie and Kate Boston! I heart the Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort collection review and the Topshop Tumblr page too, really lovely content. 
 One of my favourite pictures of the day 
In FRIM, I had to manoeuvre around fallen tree trunks and uneven forest floor. And I had to face the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. A leech. Actually come to think of it, when it moves it actually looks quite cute, but when it sprang on one of my friends and left a bite there, that totally changed my mindset, 100%. The highlight was the Canopy Walk, although we had to climb 500m up the mountain and it was the most tiring thing I've ever done in my life. It wasn't flat or anything, and the climb up was made even more difficult with all the tree trunks and uneven steps! But it was all worth it because when I finally went up on the Canopy Walk I was utterly awed by the scenery. It was so peaceful up there where you could see really far and the buildings were just lines and dots, like a kaleidoscope! The wind was super cooling, giving me the much-needed natural air-conditioning after the ridiculous hike up. But really, the scenery was plain awesome, not to mention breathtaking!
Chocolate Gallery Malaysia
Later in the afternoon after FRIM and lunch, I visited the Chocolate Gallery Malaysia with my friends. At first, I couldn't guess what it was other than it being filled with sweet, gooey chocolate, from the milk ones to the dark ones! But when I walked in, I was practically screaming in my head! (I couldn't possibly scream out loud, that would be really embarrassing) Because, there they were. Rows and rows and rows of the coolest chocolates I've ever seen! There were those covered in gold, and others topped with swizzles of cream. The tour guide then led us into this huge room where they literally shoved free chocolates under your nose. And the best part was they didn't mind if you got the second or third try for the same flavour, so I decided to make use of this golden opportunity to grab some more, I just couldn't resist! There were different flavours like durian, tea, coffee and even black sesame, but my favourite was the white almond sesame because it wasn't too sweet yet it had amazing flavour. I decided to get one and thankfully it was within my budget :)
The awesome hotel lobby at the Grand Blue Wave
This is the recollection of today's foodie adventures : Baked pasta and a chocolate and whipped cream croissant (is it a croissant? It looks like it, only a more weirdly-shaped one) for lunch and mixed Japanese rice and takoyaki (squidballs) for dinner. Utterly delish!

What do you think of the first day?



  1. It looks like you had a fabulous first day. I like your photos and I must try that nailpolish. So cool how it changes colors.
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