April 10, 2013


Yesterday I had a mega pocket of time, so I decided to check out what's new and hot at Orchard Road.I chose to visit the most glamorous mall there is,which came in the form of Ion Orchard. It's one of my favourite malls to be in, although most of the things there are insanely out of my budget and reallyyyy expensive, so the only time I can actually afford those things are when I suddenly win the lottery or something (haha!). It's a total shame because a lot of my fave brands like Chanel, Prada and even Victoria's Secret have really high prices although the products are just to-die-for. But with the help of my trusty camera, I managed to document ,or should I say snap, my entire trip of shopaholic fabulousness.

Victoria's Secret
Is Victoria's Secret fabulous or what?! Candice Swanepoel looks beautiful in all of her VS shoots, but I love the second one the most because the puppy she's clutching just makes it doubly cute! The Victoria's Secret Bombshell is one of my favourite perfumes and it's the top thing on my shopping Carpe Diem. Hope to get it soon!  
Luxury Window-shopping
Labels I love but can't afford. How in the world is this happening?
Yes, that's Karlie Kloss for Juicy Couture La La. She looks totally gorgeous in that baby pink dress and the campaign shoot is utterly delicious. Just looking at her makes me want to teleport to Sephora and grab a bottle of La La now! 

After Sephora
Fashion, check. Food, check. Photography, check. With all the components of a majorly fashion-forward outing, this trip to Ion definitely fits the category of "fashion adventure". As I pass by all my favourite stores, I felt a overwhelming sense of fashion obsession. I mean like, walking past all the glamorous stores and looking at all the fabulous models, how can you not feel the fashion-packed atmosphere? Definitely a trip to remember! Anyhow, tomorrow I'm leaving for Malaysia for a school trip and I'll be away for two days, really excited! There would be wi-fi at the hotel so I'd be able to post pictures of the day's events and update my Twitter, so stay tuned! 



  1. I love Victoria's Secret!

    Please check out and follow my blog! I'd really appreciate it! <3

    1. Love Victoria's Secret too! I'll definitely check out your blog Helena :)

  2. I love that last VS perfume

  3. How cute are you! So effin sweet. Can't believe you're 13! Whaaaat? So smart and extremely mature for your age. I see a bright future ahead of you in the fashion blogging world girly. Already an inspiration!

    Thank you for the message on IFB.
    Just followed :)
    Keep in touch hun
    xox, Cheri


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