April 01, 2013

Happy Easter + J.Crew April 2013

I love the breezy and fresh take on this lookbook from J.Crew featuring Lily Donaldson. I especially heart the last picture because it looks so natural and fun to be that girl who's just standing in the yacht and watching the amazing sea view.The white outfits also give a refreshing and light tone to the looks.
Happy Easter everyone ! Whether you're spending a girls' night out (too glad!) or a quiet night in with your family, friends or those dear to you, be sure to enjoy one of the only days in the year where you can indulge guiltlessly in oh-so-delicious and gooey chocolate(in the form of cute Easter eggs and bunnies of course!)

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photos via Style Hostess 


  1. thanks for the follow-up Charlotte :)
    glad to know we both like this lookbook too! Lily just looks so radiant here. haven't seen her for so long for I guess this is quite a nice come back.

    hope you're having a great day love xx

    1. Lily looks totally beautiful and I love her comeback too! :)

  2. Hi Charlotte!

    Was just scrolling through your blog and this lookbook caught my eye! Great choice of feature ;) Fresh start for spring and I really am tempted to get the dress in the first picture already! haha :)

    I like your blog, somehow I feel really comfortable reading through it- haha I'm thinking it's the way you write!

    Just followed you- officially a fan of yours! Keep writing, can't wait to read future posts

    oh and happy late-easter too! (teehee)


  3. Thank you Tessa! I'm really happy that you like the feature and Confessions of a Style Cookie wouldn't be what it is now without people like you!


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