February 07, 2013

Of inspirations and wanderlust

Snapshots by fashiontoast
Snapshots by Streetpeeper
                                                                                         Snapshots by Jak and Jil
Snapshot by Macademian Girl
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Snapshot by fashionsquad
Snapshots by Stockholm Streetstyle
Jess 3

Snapshots by Tuula
Whenever I need fashion inspiration or a wardrobe detox, or just wanting to get the latest scoop of the who what wear of style bloggers around the world, I can always turn to my favourite style blogs, namely the ones above. I especially heart travelloggers like Tuula ,fashionsquad and fashiontoast because they use their travels around the world, combined with snapshot smarts andtheir near-perfect style sense, to make delicious photo diaries which never fail to give me a fresh new wave of wanderlust. I love style snaps from major style-capitals of the world such as New York, London, Paris,Tokyo and Milan as nothing could channel the city-girl look better when the streets of major style capitals are in the background(and also with to-die-for city-chic clothes, of course). I also love pictures with bright and bold prints or those with an outfit so well put together that it could be on the next cover of Vogue.I have always dreamed of attending the big four fashion weeks, namely New York , London, Paris and Milan; or the world's most coveted shows such as Victoria's Secret and Miss Universe but these dreams would sadly have to wait until I grow up. Meanwhile, I shall carry on with my dreams of style and wanderlust while I can.

My feelings summed up.

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  1. These photographs are all beautiful! Fashion bloggers always have the most inspiring outfits, especially Tuula. Lovely post!

    xoxo, Meera | www.momentswithmeera.com


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