October 19, 2012

Moi Little Black Book of designer pronounciations

I can't believe I have been pronouncing many a designer's names wrongly!That's really embarrassing but anyway here are some of the more difficult ones which any style maven worth her salt should know:

1.Andrew Gn- Andrew Jen
2.Anya Hindmarch- Ahn-ya  Heind-march
3.Bagdley Mishchka- Badge-lee  Meesh-ka
4.Bulgari - Bool-ga-ree
5.Christian Lacroix-  Chris-chan  La-kwa
6.Christian Louboutin- Chris-chan  Loo-boo-tan
7.Comme des Garcons- Comb  Day  Gar-son
8.Diane von Furstenberg- Dy-ann  von  Fur-sten-berg
9.Dior Homme- Dee-oar  Om
10. Dolce & Gabanna- Dole-chay  and  Gab-bon-a
11. Dries Van Noten- Dreeze  Van  Know-ten
12.Etienne Aigner- Eh-tee-yeh  On-yay
13.Givenchy- Zshee-von-she
14.Hervé Legér- Air-vey  Lay-Jay
15.Lanvin- Lon-vin
16.Loewe- Low-ev-ay
17.Louis Vuitton- Loo-E  Vo-ee-ton
18. Marchesa- Mar-kay-sa
19.Monique Lhullier- Mo-neek  Lo-lee-ay
20.Moschino- Mo-skeen-o
21.Thierry Mugler- Tee-air-ree  Moog-lay
22.Versace- Ver-sa-chay
23.Vionnet- Vee-oh-nay
24.Yves Saint Laurent- Eve  San  Lor-aunt
25.Zegna- Zane-ya

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